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Just one question, Why hasn't Microsoft bought your products and included them in PowerPoint? This is how media in PowerPoint SHOULD work! "Best add-in to PowerPoint ever made! "                                                                                      John Wiess

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PFCMedia is the media tool that
 takes multimedia
to new levels.

 Convert Media Files
Simplify Media Insertion


PFCPro is our top selling media
solution for people that demand
more options for their PowerPoint

Convert Media Files
 Edit Media

Play DVD segments on the Slide
Web Cams - Capture Cards


PFCPresents for Office 2007-2010
replaces the limited
presenters view and gives
you total control without ever showing
 the mouse on the screen.

Trigger Object Animations
ive Monitor Of Presentation
Directly Control Media
Play Media or Audio over Slide Shapes

Ad-hoc text on Slides

Office 14 is upon us and we've made certain our products are ready when you are.  Registered users of any of our PFC add-ins will receive a free upgrade to the Office 14 version within one year of registration.

A product is only as good as the service behind it and we strive to provide the best service in the business.  Our goal is to be there when you need us.  (Phone and Email support during normal business hours.)

All of the Plays For Certain products come as a FULLY FUNCTIONING 14 day trial.  Media placed in the presentation during the trial continues to work after the trial expires.  Other computers do not need the add-in to play the presentations  (Except DVD)  so you may distribute them and be assured they will Play For Certain on  Windows PC's.
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 More Information

More Information

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